Million Dirham Draw

Please note that the Million Dirham Draw is being discontinued. The last Million Dirham draw will be conducted in the month of January 2016.

Win AED 1,000,000 every year with RAKBANK MasterCard

The more you use your RAKBANK MasterCard, the more chances you get to win a million every year. For every AED 500 spent, you automatically receive one chance to enter the draw. You also benefit from Bonus Chances as well!

  • Credit Card activation: FIVE extra chances to win when you activate your RAKBANK MasterCard
  • Balance Transfer: Every AED 500 of Balance Transfer, gives you ONE chance to enter the RAKBANK MasterCard draw. The more you transfer – the more chances you have. Just transferring your existing balance to RAKBANK MasterCard, gives you ONE Bonus Chance in the draw
  • Credit Card Cheques: Every AED 500 of the total Credit Card Cheque amount, gives you ONE chance to enter the RAKBANK MasterCard draw. The higher your Credit Card Cheque amount the more chances you have. Just requesting a Credit Card Cheque gives you ONE Bonus Chance in the draw.


January 2015 - K Panchanathan

January 2014 - Ashraf Necer


July 2013 - Irfan Mohammad


January 2013 - Chandana Thakur


July 2012 - S J Hasan Kuthoos


January 2012 - Chanchal Talakshi Gala


July 2011 - Essam Magdy


January 2011 - Ramy Mohamed Eldarwaly


July 2010 - Mahtab Ziai


January 2010 - Atta Hussain


July 2009 - Khaled Ali Shambi Haikal


January 2009 - Nazeer Moosafi


July 2008 - Mohammad Al Hammadi


January 2008 - Rajendra Kumbhat


October 2007 - Racheh L Storr


July 2007 Winner - Jacob Mathew


April 2007 Winner - Dored Saleh


January 2007 Winner - Esmaeel Naqi


October 2006 Winner - Mian Muneer Ud din


July 2006 Winner - Ivan Britto


April 2006 Winner - Muwaffak Refaai


January 2006 Winner - Manoj Kumar Beher

RAKBANK MasterCard's Draw date is: 7th January


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