Commercial Banking

RAKBANK offers unmatched experience, a wide range of products and services as well as a network of strategically located branches in the UAE to fulfill all the banking requirements of corporate companies.

The Commercial Banking team at RAKBANK is your ideal business partner. Our team of experienced professionals and dedicated Relationship Managers understand the specific needs of your business and provide you with customised solutions. We offer a full range of corporate banking services and pride ourselves on our superior product delivery, industry benchmark service levels and strong customer orientation.

After assessing your business needs, we tailor make products to meet your varied corporate requirements. We favour a well integrated approach to relationship management summed up by our motto: “high quality service with an unmatched response time.” It is this philosophy that has enabled us to build long lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with corporate clients across all sectors.

Broadly, we cater to the requirements of the following:

  • Multinational companies.
  • Medium to large corporations.
  • High net worth individuals.

Our Trade Finance and Treasury departments work closely in ensuring a complete range of efficient service delivery to corporates.

RAKBANK Commercial Banking products include, but are not limited to:

Fund Based Overdrafts

Overdrafts are offered to help your business meet its working capital requirements. Organising an overdraft entails simple documentation and your Relationship Manager will work with you to determine your company’s borrowing limit. Overdraft facilities are renewable on an annual basis and can be made available in a range of currencies depending on your requirements.

Bills Discounting

Bills discounting offers your business cash against post dated cheques issued by your customers. RAKBANK discounts cheques from pre-approved customers and credits the amount to your account in advance, helping you to manage your cashflow better. It is an ideal way to manage business in today’s competitive environment, without having to wait for cheques to be realised on their due date.

Invoice Discounting

This gives your company the opportunity to transform credit sales into working capital. Invoices are discounted by RAKBANK once they are accepted by your customer. This gives your business an immediate cash injection up to an agreed percentage of the value of the unpaid invoices. Your Relationship Manager will assist you in deciding whether invoice discounting will work for your company.

Loans including asset backed financing

Term loans ranging between one to five years are offered to part fund ongoing business expansions and other capital expenditure programmes. Asset backed financing is also undertaken where RAKBANK uses collateral such as land, buildings, equipment or inventory as security against the loan. Repayments are tailor made to suit cash flows associated with the individual business.

Import and export financing

A loan is granted to the importer to provide liquidity for buying against sight payment. Each loan is related to a specific import transaction and the terms of finance can vary depending on the type of product and importer’s requirements. Importers who have orders from customers backed by a Letter of Credit are provided with the necessary financial backing to meet larger orders than they could based solely on their own financial strength.

When you export, you significantly reduce the risk of non-payment by requesting your buyer to pay under a Letter of Credit. RAKBANK helps you to get paid quickly by discounting Letters of Credit after acceptance by the issuing bank.

Contract financing

Taking into account your contractual requirements to your clients and based on cashflow, RAKBANK structures a full array of banking products specifically to suit your specific requirements, enabling you to execute your projects in comfort.

Structured Deals

Structured deals involve a customised package from a lender to a borrower. All RAKBANK Relationship Managers have extensive banking experience and are able to help you understand and structure deals most beneficial to your business requirements.

Non Fund Based

Letters of Credit

Letters of Credit are a trusted mechanism for settling international trade transactions. At your request, RAKBANK undertakes to effect payment against presentation of credit complying documents. This is an effective way to get paid for goods and services that you have provided or an effective means of ensuring delivery of goods and services that you have paid for.


RAKBANK stands as a guarantor for your company to meet your trade and contractual agreements to your clients.

Documentary Collections

RAKBANK can supply you with an efficient routing system for your trade documents so that you can be sure of their delivery to you, your trading partners and their banks. Documentary collections provide an excellent solution in lowering costs and expediting processing, while maintaining control over the transfer of goods and funds.

When this facility is used, you as the seller forward the shipping documents and a sight / time draft drawn on the buyer’s account to RAKBANK. The draft and documents are sent with instructions to the buyer’s bank who delivers the draft to the buyer, but retains the documents until the buyer pays or accepts the draft. This lets you maintain control over your shipments until payment is secured. The buyer also benefits by not having to release the payment until the goods have been shipped.

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